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Flash in its many guises has become ubiquitous on the Web and in our lives. It serves many different purposes: it is a drawing program; it is an animation program; and it is a full-featured, modern programming language. As such, it can be approached from several different viewpoints. In particular it can attract both the artist and the computer programmer. In this class, we will explore Flash in many of its aspects from the very simplest animations to some fairly complex programming projects. We will create examples and take on projects ranging from advertisements to web site navigation to games.

Flash Basics

  • Creating a Flash Document
  • Reviewing the Interface
  • Managing the Workspace

Getting Started

  • Creating Shapes
  • Using the Primitive Tools
  • Drawing with Pen, Pencil and Line Tools
  • Editing Shapes
  • Using the Selection Tools
  • Managing Color and Gradients
  • Importing Files

Working with Graphics

  • Creating Rectangles
  • Using a Gradient Fill
  • Making Selections
  • Drawing Ovals
  • Creating a Simple Animation
  • Working with Lines
  • Manipulating Objects
  • Masking Objects
  • Testing a Movie

Creating and Editing Symbols

  • Importing Illustrator Files
  • About Symbols
  • Converting Objects to Symbols
  • Importing Bitmap Images
  • Adding Bitmaps to a Movie Clip Symbol
  • Working with Buttons
  • Adding Transparency

Creating and Managing Content

  • Touring the Flash Interface
  • New Document Settings & Navigation
  • Drawing & Selecting Simple Vector Shapes
  • Drawing Curves with the Pen & Pencil Tools
  • Exploring Other Drawing Tools
  • Interaction between Shapes
  • Grouping Objects
  • Working in Object Drawing Mode

Managing Website Content

  • Working with Layers
  • Using Bitmaps
  • Adding Text
  • Use the Regular & Primitive Shape Tools to Build a Graphic
  • Creating & Adjusting a Symbol
  • Transforming Objects with the Free Transform Tool
  • Exploring Color Types & Gradients