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Business Process Analysis

First, allow me to explain how business process analysis can be a catalyst for your BA career. Business process analysis is used by BAs and non-BAs alike to

  • find opportunities to improve business operations,
  • train new employees,
  • clarify business procedures,
  • and that’s just for starters.

Sometimes it’s done in a very formal way. But most of the time it involves simple work-flow diagrams with supporting documentation.

Business process analysis is also a technique used by business analysts to understand the context of the business problem. It’s very often the first thing we do when beginning to scope a new project or analyze a feature request.

What This Means to You

An opportunity to analyze a business process is very likely to be a jumping off point for you in your BA career. It’s actually fairly difficult to find a job situation in which there is not an opportunity to do some business process analysis!

You can:

  • analyze the work you do day-to-day,
  • look at the upstream or downstream impacts of your work,
  • look at your customer’s process before they use your product,
  • or even look at what it takes to get your family out the door in the morning.

While this makes sense conceptually, it’s a different animal when it comes to putting the process model together or talking about what you’ve done with the confidence of a tried-and-true BA. And that’s why Business Process Analysis – our virtual, instructor-led course endorsed by International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) – helps you build a concrete business analyst experience by successfully analyzing a business process in your current work environment. One that you can add to your resume, share with your manager to support your case that you should have more business analysis responsibilities, or use to confirm your intentions to move into a business analysis career.